Posted by: ghazzu | December 15, 2007

Week 9

Adrienne Rich in her chapter brings forth the key elements that are prevelant under every household, buried beneath the cloaks of political injustice. It is poetry that plays an important role in this chapter and also the experience in Vietnam. Furthermore, it is based on how cruelty effects women in ways that it does not on men.

The cruelty that is given the most space is that of rape because it is one of the primary acts of violence that is committed on women worldwide. When placed in Pakistan, one can see numerous cases of violence through rape that have been subjected solely on women. The injustice that women suffer is only added on by the one they have to then witness in the court. This form of dominance in one that is largely attributed to a patriarchy. This ‘practice’ is considered normal and natural. It is an aspect of the society everywhere that can not be done away with because women are considered weak and men strong. This oppression can only be done away with when the characteristics of women and men that have been assigned to them are moved away.

It is when the basis itself is stirred and a place for women is created. Especially in Third world countries, women are violated more strongly because they themselves are unaware of it. They have issues of poverty to deal with and hence more violence is committed on them through this ignorance.  Women are not catered to and that in itself is the biggest obstacle that is faced by them.



  1. Women are unaware of being violated? Hmm.

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