Posted by: ghazzu | December 15, 2007

Radical Feminism-week 5

The standpoint that the Radical Feminists have taken is one that opposes the liberal one. It diasgrees on many issues but the one that stood a part the most for me as a reader was the one of reproduction.

Feminists such as Firestone believe that reproduction is the biggest cause and origin of the suppression of women and only when it will not be done naturally will this discrimination eradicate itself. As is said in the chapter: ” Firestone insisted nothing fundamental will change for women so long as natural reproduction remains the rule and artificial or assisted reproduction the exception.”

Interesting it is fairly directly written as Firestone says” Natural reproduction is the root of further evils”.

This standpoint is something that the radical feminists do not agree with. Their perspective on the natural reproduction process is that of liberation in a way and that of power. As Azizah-al-Hibari says in it” Technological reproduction does not equalize the natural reproductive power structure-it inverts it”.  She being a radical-cultural feminist believes that as do the others. Rich argues that the only way to maintain even the smallest amount of power that resides in the hands of women, they have to depend on natural reproduction.

Radical cultural feminists believed that artifical reproduction was the man’s way of ruling over the one thing that he can not do. This was then something that men would have power over. Natural reproduction should be used as a tool and a key against this power of men. The best way to conclude this is by what is said by Rowland has said in this chapter: ” The replacement of women’s childbearing capacity by male-controlled technology would, she said, leave women entirely vulnerable, “without a product” with which “to bargain” with men.



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