Posted by: ghazzu | December 15, 2007

Genders and Sexuality-week 6

This chapter of ‘How natural is normal?’ by Nivedita menon was by far one of the most interesting ones because it grips the readers into thinkining about something that is not a general topic to be studied. “How natural is normal?” This then from the inital stages challenges the society’s structure and framework. The definitions of natural and normal are uprooted and we as the readers are bound to think beyond the ones that have been so mechanically ingrained in our minds. These definitions are like most of the other aspects of our society- are under a patriarchy,

Both the chapters focus on the sexuality and the gendered nature of women. Women are like all the other discriminated minorities subjected to what can be considered one of the harshed realities- ignorance of their human existence. As is commonly said, Science itself is from a man’s perspective. Hence, when sexuality is exposed, it is only hetrosexuality that can be considered normal and natural. The role of hetrosexuality is constantly forced into the minds of women through the different processes of their life.  The questions that arise are, why is it normal for women to like men only? Why is it natural for women to subordinate to men?

The simply answer that can not be objected thorougly is that men are the gender in power. They dominate women and the sexuality of women is thus, natural and normal according to their perception. It is only in the 2nd chapter that the third gender is brought into the picture. The construction of this gender sets the previous two off balance and at times widens the gap between them.

Hence, matters of sexuality and gender are social constructed as has been said earlier on, but this social construction has been designed by men themselves. This era of patriarchy with the emergence of the third gender has to now answer the questions that will be hurled at it. It will have to answer soon.



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