Posted by: ghazzu | December 14, 2007

Who are we?

If only this question was as simple as the three words it can be said in. This is one of the most fundamental question that needs answering but at the same time is the most misunderstood.We, what is we? For that a certain amount of unity and solidarity is required and furthermore, even some form of a common ground. If we differentiate only our ownselves, the ones who do have a comfortable life, have had proper education and some kind of ‘exposure’, then we become the ‘other women’. Women who are not like us than happen to make up almost all of Pakistan. We then align ourselves to be heartless people. Women from all stratas combined, women from lower classes voicing their problems and advantaged women helping them. That is when a we will be formulated.Hence, just as Feminism itself needed to go back to the history, the root cause of everything, so do we. We need to start with the family level. That is the first form of socialization. That is where beliefs and values need to be established in a more open minded way. A son needs to be taught the importance of respecting women at a young age so that later on rather than exploiting and abusing women, he can proudly stand with women, rather than against them.More basic issues should be addressed and women have to be a collective force. The stereotyping of women has to be erased. To figure out we, we ourselves wont be able to achieve the answer. We will short live our struggle but if we do achieve some form of self realization as a whole, we will outlive our own selves.Ghazzu


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