Posted by: rabiazaid | October 12, 2007

week 4 readings

studying liberal feminism and its’ roots in the eighteenth century the work by Wollstonecraft  give us an insight of the basic things the early liberal feminists focused on.  Wollstonecraft’s ideology that women needed to work ouside of their house holds favored only the upper class women of that time.

 The beginning of the ninteenth century focused on getting women the economic and the welfare rights as both mills and taylor suggested. Even though the ideologies of both mills and taylor differed from one another, there audience was the same. “the feathered race”.which wollestonecraft had refered to in the earlier century.  the concept that women only the affluent could afford to work and yet perform the homely duties, is quite accurate. later though taylors writings both benefited the upper and the lower class women.

 As women struggled to get their voting rights, the civil war and the blacks independence movement dealyed this process. the women in england got their voting rights way before the women in america. the other major problem the liberal feminists dealt with was race, the black women were considered un equal, and before the women would reach a common ground the notion of race and economic status had to be adderessed.

Betty friedan, president of the later formed NOW, for women, suggested that the liberal feminists needed to focus not on the fantasies or sexual preferences such as lesbians but rather should focus on other problems.

the later critiques of the liberal feminism were that whether the movement acknowleged and considered women to be equal to men and was it necessary for them to become like men in order to get the equal status, some also talked about the theory of marxism whether the structure allowed them to be equal since it was all created by men.

 this chapter focuses on the roots, and yet gives us a good crituqe keeping in mind the different ideologies followed by the different women between the group. the black, lesbian straight, white , lower , upper class women.

in my opinion we see alot of loopholes in liberal feminism we see that certain groups are being left aside, the need to not change the system is in directly saying that its’ okay to live in the system and to consider that women will never gain an equal status to men then why fight. liberal feminism doesn’t focus on soulutions but rather adderesses the problems and leaves them there. i feel that the system created by men, if not changed no way can the women achieve their desired position. a position where they would not want to become like men in order to gain the equality status.



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