Posted by: rabiazaid | September 25, 2007

Reading – 2

readings by Maria Mies and Chilla Bulbeck’s were great examples of the what truly the term “feminism” refers to. the categories within feminism differentiate the various agendas or causes the specific group is dealing with.  for “us”  to truly understand the term feminism we need to understand other concepts as well. the authors have therefore diivided “western feminism” the feminism followed and understood by the women of north america, england an in the case of the text australia. we also need to To  understand the concept of body politics, and to further understand ” the concept of “us and “them. as colonialsim has effected us in various ways, it has changed our thought process.

the quests of western femnists are different then those of the women of the east, but we can’t ignore that there are different levels on which the feminists operate.

 the reading emphasises upon the fact that we understand, the patriarchal set up of socities and for us to work keeping that fact in mind. the author doesn’t at any point combine the different types of feminist groups together as she emphasises that the culture and the ideoligies the radical feminists follow might not be followed by other types of feminists. what makes the readings unique are to understand feminism in the light of marxism, colonialism, and other radical movements that have overwhelmed us. the readings give us an insight of understanding the two seperate worlds of the women of west and the women of east, the two seperate worlds. also this triggers for us to understand, that even “us” is divided amongst the concept of class, race, color etc. the example that a lower class woman pakistani woman for instance would not underastnd the femnist perspective of a women living in a elite setting.

 it is important for us to undersatnd that feminism is not just a movement but a discoure filled with ideologies that are validly constructed.



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